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VHS Review: Slow Normals "realmagic666FM" [PART 4]

$15 //
Edition of 13 // //

This is a really nice collab and it seems so lucky that Slow Normals was able to find this video clip to play along with.    Somehow we are now into a fake cowboy show.  I say fake cowboy because there is this guy sitting on a couch playing a guitar and wearing a cowboy hat.  A girl sits next to him and another girl sits on the floor watching the fake cowboy.  Another guy sits by himself on another couch, but why does the one girl sit on the floor?  A true cowboy would not allow such things.   These vocals are really tripping me out but I'm pretty sure they called that girl Rachel.  It is also FEB. 21, 2004 now.

Fake cowboy is also wearing sunglasses inside.   Rachel stands up- at her friend's urging- and begins singing along to some country song.  I have no idea what if going on here but I hope all of these people are drunk for their sake.   And now Rachel is just swearing a lot and jumping around.  Her friend said "Good job, Rachel" and I feel like MST3K saying, "Oh, don't encourage her" to the tv.   Watching these videos is like when I look at photos of other people on Facebook: I rarely pay attention to the person and look more as to what is in their surroundings.

I'm pretty sure Rachel just tried to kiss the other girl and then said "She'll never love me" to close out that part.   We switch to a party on MAR. 7, 2004 now.  It is 2:00 AM so the time might be wrong but who knows.   They're basically kids (college or high school age) sucking on balloons.  I want to feel like all of these visuals under "FACESWAP" came from the same collection of VHS tapes- the same family perhaps- but I just don't know... I don't know what to make of anything any more after seeing how other humans behave.  This guy is also wearing a shirt that says The Gap.   Though now another boy is dressed in drag and this is getting good.   He looks like he could be legal.

A split second of a band rehearsal and now screwed vocals bring back the vaporwave as we see someone riding a sailing bike on their stomach?  We're back to flipping channels.   The MGM lion logo.  Pringles.  A firetruck.   The birthday song.  Why is the birthday girl wearing a thong and the guy taping her is getting her from that angle?  This is highly inappropriate but the matching msuic is cool.  Most of these guys are nearly naked and they're clapping.  Ooooooohhh maybe this is a porn birthday party.   We keep glitch looping with the music and visuals but I'm pretty sure the "FACESWAP" time is over.

And the word improv just came out of a toaster.   So we're doing this, huh?    Nope, guess not.   Someone is explaining something- giving instructions- over a lot of green.   The voice is of course manipulated.   Oh.  Now I can see her in blue.  A man with a plane and a fan.  It says it's mindblowing and now it's showing cassettes.   Something about mineral water.  A lot of floating heads.   Snowboards and Pee Wee Herman is looking inside of his freezer.  The word of the day is "playhouse".   We're back to the porno birthday party and I'm pretty sure she just started sucking some guy.  Swimming with the cassette.   I do enjoy these old cassette commercials perhaps more than I should.

It's like a trippy Sound of Music now.  Everyone is dancing, the static is skipping and the colors... Oh, the colors.   And now a commercial for a laser disc player because why not.   There is singing and I think this is a Bollywood film now.   This looks like a music video.  It has people playing instruments- a guitar, bass, sax- and there are drums and a keyboard near them but there are also credits and then a cop opens up the garage door as if to tell them they're making too much noise.   A movie or television show perhaps, it goes by too quickly for me to know and now we're into something about rap that has a young Dr. Dre in it.

McDonalds.  Breakdancing.  KRS-ONE.    A movie or television show now with a kid crying and it's so manipulated it sounds so weird.   It's definitely trippy.  I think I've used the word "trippy" at least a thousand times in this review so far.   Static skips in a nice rhythm.   Clouds, a building and sex under the covers.   This guy overslept.   He does look like a fairly familiar actor from the 1980's but I just can't place him.  I will likely see this movie one day and it will all make sense.  It will feel like deja vu.    He's yelling about inbred assholes.  I like his vest.  He beeps his horn a lot but the sounds are manipulated so it kind of drones on. 

So this guy woke up late, was following people he got road rage at, then they stopped at the same place, three of them got out of the truck and start smashing his car with him inside, all under the hues of blue and green.   They have a truck now which seems like it's going to crush his car with him in it.   This guy looks a bit like William Katt from "The Greatest American Hero".   The truck just drives off and now we're into a different clip where someone needs mouth to mouth.   A woman in blue is glitching hard next to some guy.   Whirrs come through in waves.    We seem to have froze now on a cheeseburger.  I think we're back to the movie now and she called him "TJ" but this isn't "TJ Hooker".  Now he's going mad, destroying everything in his garage.    We've switched over to singing and what appear to be still photos presented as a slideshow now.

I do enjoy this music over this photo slide show but some of these photos are just plain creepy.    Blue and green and red stripes now.  Destruction.  Whenever I see a cloud of smoke in this vidoe I think 9/11.   It's a music video inside a picture frame now- someone is playing the guitar and singing such as in a studio- and then the music itself seems to be combining with this.   The whirrs and 1980's rock.   It sounds like someone is chanting "madness".   The singing in that sense doesn't go along with David Cassidy or whoever is singing here.   A sax now and this man is pointing at me.   Everything begins moving in fast forward and then it stops and this cartoon is likely "Jem" now. 

Moulin Rouge.  I can hear the music now of what I'm still assuming to be Jem.  Someone in a sweater is talking about God and I can't see his face but I bet he's Joel Osteen.  As his face comes through clearer (as clear as it will get) I don't think he is Joel.  There is this man on the street type of segment asking people how they describe God and then static skips come through as some guy is in a studio trying to sell something.   A commercial for Pepcid AC now and this woman is glitching hard.  This is how tv should be.   The stock report now.  And a news report about someone starting an "anti-Santa crusade".   Ummm... And they admit now they've gone too far.  Ahahahahaha.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

VHS Review: Slow Normals "realmagic666FM" [PART 3]

$15 //
Edition of 13 // //

The music sort of grows into this electronic looping and we're looking at a watch now which is not moving-- you can see up to the second and it's stuck at 4:58 10.   The music kind of sounds like a jumbled version of Elvis to me.   After some time, it has moved to 4:58 11 now.   Then we go into black and white static.   Loud distorted crashes now as we are rewinding.  It's mostly blue.   Images slowly start to creep in and airplanes are back.   Back to the black and white static and then this woman who was telling us about fast food is back.   And now a warning about a video, which I feel is not for this one directly.

Oh good, Lorraine Day is an M.D.    She glitches from talking about MS into Oriental tones and someone doing something medical but I'm not sure what.   Part of movie and then I see 9/11 again for a moment.   And we briefly cut back to a movie before the word "FACESWAP" comes out in weird text.  Not sure what's going on here but I am looking at the time.  "Wow, you really need new laces" comes through like a bad LSD trip.   Oh.  I think it's graduating.  This mullet is graduating.

This is the type of music/audio I like though where you can see the visual right now and know what's going on.  At one point, this person pulls up their pants and I'm assuming the mom goes "Oh, that's really classy to have on the video camera- pulling up your drawers" and if this was taken as audio only it might be confusing and I kind of like that about it.   It's nice that it isn't confusing here but to hear it as just audio would also be nice even if it was confusing because sometimes music should be meant to confuse people.

And now we're watching the graduation.   There was this band on an Equal Vision Records sampler once who sang a song about graduation and now I'm singing that song: "Graduation's here / And I'm nowhere to be found" [The song is called "Graduation" and is by the band Prema]  The music becomes slightly sharper now, as the kids fill into their seats to graduate.   It builds in this magical way and I'm just really tripping out to this music right now.  It feels like I want to ask how you find something so random as someone's graduation on VHS but, trust me, it's not as difficult as one might think (Libraries love giving away videos like this for free, sometimes they're even on the side of the road, you just have to know where to look)

Increasingly louder, I can hear this "Woo!" and I'm not sure if it's coming from the music added into this or the graduation scene itself.  I feel like I can barely hear the audio track for the graduation itself back there, but I do feel like I can.   The music has faded and the person talking about the graduation has taken over now.   This is just a trippy graduation now.   People are cheering for the kid graduating who was shown getting dressed before and the music has taken on this industrial grinding tone where it feels like something bad will happen but we're still under that "FACESWAP" banner and this has shifted into a video of people up high somewhere looking down, their words coming out all warbly.

We're on the beach now and it's 2003.  The wind is blowing and you can see it in their hair, but now this makes me wonder whether or not people would take the audio from something such as this video and use it for their music.   I also wonder who still had these kids of video cameras back in 2003 because it still feels like that type you load the tape into and, I mean, we were digital by then, right?   Within the last five years or so though I did see one of the camcorders where you load the tape in at Savers- case and all, looked to be in great shape- and I almost bought it but then realized I didn't need to start and never finish any other art projects.

This "FACESWAP" scene seems to have been going on for a while, especially since it was all throughout graduation.  It is 4:45 PM on December 14, 2003.  We are in a hotel room now and we have also shifted to black and white.   Words come out in a loop which makes them sound like some kind of Satanic chant.   These kids (Well, teens?) are in what I believe to be NYC now, for Christmas, as there is a tree and iceskating outside like a Ryan Reynolds movie.   Wouldn't it be weird if someone in this video saw themselves and was like, "Hey, that's me"?

Church now because why not.  Big oil barge horns come blasting through.    The music is really picking up now-- it feels haunted, like someone is speaking us from the other side of death.   We're also getting a nice tour of the city no one ever asked for.   It sounds like someone is saying "Okay".   For some reason I feel like we're seeing the towers that fell on 9/11 now, but that was in 2001 so that can't be right.    Now I can see why this is so trippy.  I imagine someone at 4 am watching this and wondering what I am.

Static wind, that "FACESWAP" logo and the tour of NYC continues.   I can see the Statue of Liberty and remember thinking the other day of what a terrible present that was from the French.  I mean, she's giant for one thing, and then she's also made of copper so she has that weird rusted penny green going on now.  For as big a monument as it is (and I mean in terms of actual measurements) it seems like something we should have decided on as Americans and not got as a gift from the French, but I digress.

We have left NYC now and are in eerie tones with screams coming through while we see what seems to be some kind of student study club... I have no idea.   Feedback comes in sharply now, as if on the edge of something.   As the feedback fades, we are at JAN. 24, 2004 now and I have no idea what's going on in this trippy room.  Someone is on the phone, seemingly yelling, while two other people are sitting way too close together on a couch.   Someone is playing an acoustic guitar now and he probably has underwear on at the very least but he looks like he's only wearing socks.  Loud feedback comes through wavy-like and I can hear the singing and strums of this guy on the screen.  Holy shit, this is on my birthday now from 2004.   Wow.   It is also at 5:02 AM so wouldn't you say it's a bit early in the morning for this?

Record Review:
Those Hounds

$10 // //

While some might say "Oh, you don't have that many records", I like to think of my small collection as being more of a selective group of what I feel are the best of the best but also best experienced on vinyl because of their sound as well.   This is my first time seeing a 10" record though and I don't know if that's weird or not but I showed my Dad a 7" the other day and he didn't seem to know that they made the records now that weren't like the old 45's where you needed the adapter thing.

Right away, Those Hounds come out swinging with complicated rock music.   Somewhere between the wild side of Christiansen and the darkness of Deftones this first song gets into some screaming like Foo Fighters (or Nirvana) as well.   There are heavily distorted parts and it goes back and forth between the clean melodies and distortion stomp, sort of like a heavier version of Jimmy Eat World I guess you could say.   I can't quite put my finger on what this reminds me of exactly but it has elements of The Beautiful Mistake and P.O.D.

While the song can grow more melodic it also can just as easily bring out screaming and singing together, but not in that hardcore or metal way, more in a heavy rock sort of way.    There are lots of starts and stops before some ooooh's and this one comes to an end.   It seems only fitting that the last line in the song is also "This is what it's like to feel the end", which you can take any number of different ways (Death, a break up, graduation, quitting drugs, divorce, etc.)

Both of these songs are on the same side and "Collider", which is the second of the two, opens with these great scratching sounds within the rock music and I've never heard something like this before so when you hear it you will also likely go "Yeah, that is different but I like it".   It reminds me a bit of Far and then this big bass beat just comes in as it grinds, driving faster and harder.     While both of these songs can feel like somewhat post rock the fact still remains that they are both complex.   Big beats like lasers of doom fired to destroy entire worlds is how this ends and there are screams tucked away there in the background.

In my experience, there has been two different kinds of music as it relates to how I think about Those Hounds.   Some bands choose to make songs which are around three or four minutes in length and then they have maybe twelve or so songs and call it an album.   Other bands can put together fewer songs but they increase their length to five or six minutes- sometimes more- and it has a fuller album sound with less tracks.  (See: My recent review of Scraps of Tape to witness how less can be more)

Those Hounds have created a third option.  Songs which aren't too long nor too short but have enough changes and depth to make them feel like albums in and of themselves.   Some people might look at this and think two songs makes it a single, one song on each side, you know.   But when you actually listen to it, when you actually crank it up loud enough to feel that bass pulsate in your entire body, your entire being... You'll come to realize this isn't two songs-- it's two sides to an album.   It might not make sense to you but Those Hounds are out to make you believers.

Cassette Review:
(Custom Made Music)

Three songs from Salina.   It's really what a demo should be.  It's difficult to get a good feel for a band based on one song.   Sometimes, you even get that band who has two decent songs but then the rest of their album is not good.   But three.  Three is the magic number.   If you can have three solid songs, you've got a solid demo and your album will likely be a success as well.   So I'm pulling out an old card here and doing this one SBSR style. 

"Lightless Vessel" - This song begins with crunchy guitars and it has a pop punk feel to it (like maybe Taking Back Sunday?) mixed with some kind of alternative rock like Dandelion but, you know, more well known.   The chorus sings "Where did you go? Hello?" and it gets stuck in my head.   There is a certain rock feel here as well, and I don't know exactly what to compare it with... something from the days of Pavement or maybe the Replacements, but it just is really good.   It's the first song on this demo, but I would also use it as a single if I was going to try and get people to listen to this band (which I kind of am)

"Wait" - Big, crunchy guitars and this has a 1990's alternative rock feel to it but vocals which could be out of something like Weezer.   It feels like Ammonia a little bit.   Maybe it's what would happen if the Replacements or a similar band from that scene was fronted by Rivers Cuomo and I know, I know, that sounds pretty awesome and I'd want it to happen now too if this isn't what it sounded like so we kind of already have it.   A bit of Silversun Pickups and Nada Surf in here as well. 

"Reverie" - This song begins with a big build.    The vocals on it really remind me of this cross between Franz Ferdinand and The Killers.   Drums and cymbals come crashing in and this has one of those could be on the radio but is too good for that type of feels.  It also has that Nada Surf feel, which I felt on the second track as well.

What I like about Salina is that they seem to fall into this genre of when bands like The Killers and Franz Ferdinand were popular on the radio.  Remember that?  When rock songs were blasting out everywhere- you'd hear "Use Me" coming out of karaoke bars?  But now it feels like we have less new rock on the mainstream radio, sure, but at that time I also felt like less bands really took control of that sound.   Everyone wants to be punk or grunge but people don't want to explore what made those bands so popular and I'm really glad Salina is doing that in their own way.

Monday, May 21, 2018

VHS Review: Slow Normals "realmagic666FM" [PART 2]

$15 //
Edition of 13 // //

Cowboys now.    Loud distortion as well.    And a 900 number for a bank?  That's weird.   American National Bank.   Must be over 18.   I will not google to see if they still exist.   This feedback is coming through quite harsh though, as this spiral eye twirls around over it all.   Zs now as if we're sleeping and some jarbled words.   Music blasts in and out after someone was talking.   Slowed down R&B as we see the Earth from outerspace.   "Let's talk about flying saucers".   A reggae/dub type of feel of keys over what appears to be church and then this constant drilling distortion as well.   Now we see the flying saucers and pyramids.

There is a real sense of art to the way these images come through.   The music is in intervals now as if changing a radio station.  It talks about Washington briefly, Republicans.   For a minute there, the music felt like punk rock.   There is this old Mac type of feeling to these images as well, any part of them could really be sampled and turned into artwork for a vaporwave album.    I see sperms swimming, chess being played.   It's a quieter sound of water now with other racket which could be someone simply moving around and creating those sounds in the audio.

Someone's head is inside of a bubble and it is about to burst.   There is quite the level of static in here visually as well.    The music feels heavier now as the screen says Slow Normals.   It's more of a grinding industrial feel.   There is also a tutorial going on behind all of this.  Dragging and clicking.   Have I mentioned yet that this is trippy?   The Slow Normals text is coming up on the screen like when a VHS tape glitches and there are other colors here.   Sometimes during this I wonder why all artists don't create visuals to go with their audio such as this and it will definitely make me listen to music without visuals differently now.

It sounds like an engine is idling and the computer tutorial is layered over what seems to be some group of people really excited about living in a house together.  It reminds me of "The Real World" for some reason.   Car logos are flying by now.  This looks like Tron.  It is urging me to make my own magic as start and stop skips bring in a chillwave vibe.  A car sits in a driveway.    Someone really likes this house.   It sounds as if someone is reading from a book about skeleton fingers then there are beeps as if we are on the subway.   We are going inside the house now and the top left hand corner says "Play" and has the arrow.

An ominous sort of bell ringing with this static shaking takes us on a tour of some house and it's rather odd but I like the music side.   I say it's odd because it seems to be the first time we spend going for this long without having some image layered over some other image.  This is a nice looking house though.   Now, as a voice says "We'll start with those viles in your pocket" some harsher feedback comes through and the colors begin to bleed into the house.   Other images are spliced in now as well.  We're back at that party from earlier.   A screechy glitching and we're peeping into the bathroom now.    We have gone to that black and white static and now it is much more vaporwave in the singing way.   It says "Play" and then shows that tracking bar and I never know if that's there because Slow Normals put it there or if it's my VCR.

The way this seems to be flipping channels lands on a woman who says drugs don't cure people and we need to understand the cause of the disease to truly help.  I bet Big (P)harm(a) took care of her.   Loud, blasts of distortion are over what looks like a park now.    More scattered distorted tones now while we look at a pool.   There is a windstorm and this picture just can't seem to stay in focus but tracking isn't on it so it must be on purpose.   It's as if this other image is trying to take over the one of the guy cleaning the pool.   We got from a nice city shot to vacuum cleaners and the sounds of people talking in a crowd.

Ha, this is about Kirby now and I almost sold Kirby vacuums once but then I realized it was a scam.   It says to search the tape for a specific one but I'm not sure how easy that would be.   Do you think Kirby hands out free DVDs now with chapters to find the perfect vacuum for yourself or someone you know?   These voices are on a loop and I feel like I keep hearing them saying to get in the fun zone.   It's just kind of funny watching this because of the vacuum parts and realizing how far technology with vacuums has come and in other ways it hasn't.

Racecars, beats and screwed vocals over some definite glitching images now.  I see a snake monster for sure.   Then a Canadian flag.  I feel like this is definitely footage of 9/11 now.   We're almost into the mountains briefly and then a static wave takes us into a still image of the plane right next to the building it crashed into.   The music becomes a little bit more upbeat now, some singing and drums join the static drone but the image is still the same.    This glitches into some woman who is explaining why fast food is bad for us.

A more triumphant marching feel to the music now.  I still see cowboys.  Deeper, almost screwed voices bring out what sounds like children crying and then children talking while this purple-ish version of the Pentagon glitches on through.  "You get outta here" one of the kids says on a loop.   The audio seems to be kids talking in loops while the visual is about 9/11.   Squeals make me feel like we're rewinding now.     Drum beats and video game trill show some animals in nature now.   It's a cougar.   Static crashes begin breaking down as people are shown walking and I feel like the cougar might attack them.

The cougar begins chasing this mountain goat but the people are still shown so I kind of want them to get bit by the cougar.    Musically, this is just a static storm of destruction while the visuals feel like a movie.  The two people seem to have found the goat which was being chased by the cougar so where is the cougar?  I think the people just robbed a cave and now they're running.  They're chasing the goat but I don't see the cougar yet.   Ok, the cougar is back now and this is getting good. 

Record Review:
Las Rosas
"Shadow By Your Side"
(Greenway Records)

$19.98 //
First Pressing of 800 Copies Worldwide // //

Did you ever feel something so intensely that you just couldn't put it into words?  As someone who writes about music, I shouldn't have this problem but Las Rosas brings it out in me.   There is this feeling of classic rock and modern rock (all the way up to something that you could currently hear on the radio) and while all these artists come rushing in for comparison there just exists this strong connection that I cannot fully place the depth of this rock n roll record.

Dreamy classic rock makes me think of Spacehog and Kula Shaker right away.   It has that 1990's kind of known about but kind of forgotten about band feel.  You know, someone like Supergrass that you would know if you were a certain age in the '90's but if you were born after them or just too young (or too old) they'd have passed you by.    Though I just as much feel bits of America, the band who did the "Horse With No Name" song, on here as complex guitars shine on through.

Parts of this remind me of Lucero, though in all fairness I've only ever really got into "Nobody's Darlings" and after that kind of fell off track with that band but I think they're still making music.   It also can have a sense of Fastball, going back to my '90's idea, and then there is even this "Pinball Wizard" growth in here which is of course The Who and goes along with the complexity of the guitars and having a classic feel yet being ahead of its time as well.

"Tax Man"- which is only the second song- has this great radio feel to it.   The lyrics are about money and why you feel like you work so hard and never have any, so in that way it's an anthem of sorts I think most people could get behind (Please don't start a 1% debate in the comments, thanks) because who doesn't want to have more money or at least feel like they should.   At the same time, it's just this groovy indie rock song you could hear on the radio as it brings out some odd mixture of Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, X Ambassadors and yet also something all its own.   (And maybe even a little bit of The Killers)

There is a great driving feel to "Christa", with the dark red hair and "Me Myself" brings out some Superdrag by way of The Oneders.   "Nothing's Wrong" ends Side A with what might happen if the Smoking Popes were to somehow collaborate with Buddy Holly.    Just as with "Tax Man", I feel like "Losing No Sleep" could just as easily be a radio hit.   It's this sort of rock ballad that has me thinking of the soundtrack to "Empire Records", which is never a bad thing.   It takes until the last song though before I finally realize that one of the stronger influences I feel coming through as well is The Honorary Title.

As with most of the best rock n roll records, the lyrics give you a lot to quote.  Something seemingly as simple as "I'll be over here I guess" is rather vital when taken in context.   I do like the idea of "I could walk out in the middle of the night but I'd wind up missing you" as people don't seem to reflect that same sentiment as much these days.  Of course the notion of "Why'd you have to fool around and die" can be taken any number of ways towards any number of people really (We probably all know someone we could ask that question of)

Of course the most prominent line I take from all of this is "I don't understand how we're so broke" so "Tax Man".   Not just a commentary on the workforce itself (doing that 9 to 5 thing) and the economy and all of that, but it can be taken as a stance from an artist as well.   That whole notion of "I can't offer you any money but this will look great on your resume"-- that sort of bullshit.   But for me it's more of a reminder about what I've been saying for the last five years about how everything in the arts community seems upside down with the less talented getting the most money and, well, that needs to change.

CD Review:
Eureka California
(Happy Happy BIrthday To Me Records)

$8 //
Edition of 1000 // //

Since finding out about Eureka California I've tried to listen to all of their music that I possibly can and as often as I can.   "Roadrunners" has this style to it which brings out elements of Silversun Pickups but still has that pop and twee feel which I often like to associate with The Mr. T Experience for some reason.   (Something about my past)   A bit of Superdrag can come out at times as well, but this is mostly an energetic CD which I would consider to be mostly upbeat even if the lyrics aren't and you could listen to it in just about any situation.

The lyrics are in many ways make "Roadrunners" what it is, as an album.   This is my fourth time reviewing Eureka California so by now you should know their songs are musically solid-- it's not something like "Oh, they were sloppy before and now they got their shit together".   Eureka California has always been talented at what they do, from what I've heard and I do believe I've heard it all.   So the real question with this CD is just what are they singing about on it?

From getting the launch codes because it's a nuclear option to bringing about surf-like rock guitars on a song about the Buffalo Bills (which is instrumental, but I feel like the title will have people googling the team for those years and coming across the Bills standing for "Boy I Love Losing Superbowls")  there are lyrics which are easily relatable and after a few listens you'll be singing along with them.   I especially enjoy the lines: "Cause you're over it / yeah you're over and out".

"I Can't Look In YR Direction" is such a perfect example of a song I'd recommend listening to it first if you need an idea as to why Eureka California is so amazing.   It has this Foo Fighters feel to it somehow.   Though I do believe at one point I heard the song "Mexican Coke" on SoundCloud and it closes out this album but still remains one of the single best songs I've ever heard. 

"Telephone Tone" feels like Darko the Super is singing on it and if Eureka California had a way to include him in one of their songs it would probably explode my world.    Speaking of exploding my world, there is a song on here called "JJT" and though I reached out to the band to ask them what that meant there was no response as of this writing.  There is a name before it which is crossed out on the back of the CD so it made me rather curious.  I keep thinking it's JTT but alas, that is wrong.

Fun, mystery and not JTT... This could be like an episode of "Scooby Doo".   Everyone likes Scooby-Doo, right?  He's some kind of staple in society and those crazy cartoons aren't just part of my life force, right?  In any case, this is one to put on while driving around, walking, skating, hanging out with friends (If you have friends) or just sitting alone in your apartment while waiting for the mailman.   And, yes, Mexican Coke is way better than what we get here in "the states".